Inspired by Derek Sivers, this page includes a sample of what I’m thinking about and working on right now.

Last updated: 24.09.2020

Still in the home office. But that’s good. It’s going well.

The children are now both going to kindergarten and they are having fun, I’m glad.

I have changed my username on I will also change it on other platforms. About a year ago, I thought that the username must be my real name. Now I don’t like this thought anymore. Then I thought for a long time about what I could use. A username should be catchy, cool and special. In the end, I came up with one that brings back wonderful childhood memories for me: ohBananaJoe. It is a mixture of a wonderful movie with Bud Spencer as Banana Joe and the “oh” as part of the title song. Maybe it’s stupid, maybe it’s cool, but at the moment I can live with it quite well.

The building of our house continues to stagnate. The choice of building company - my decision - was bad. The externally engaged planner there is terrible. Nothing is progressing. Special requests are not accepted. A catastrophe. I would like to cancel it, but I can’t do any more.

We have a new car. After our VW Golf had an engine failure (just 10 years old) I found a great used VW Passat for good money with only 18.000 km on the speedometer.

Apart from that: Well, I feel sometimes better, sometimes worse. Not physically, everything happens in my head. Maybe it is the Corona situation, maybe it is something I prefer to keep to myself. But for my family I am strong.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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