What a day...

I didn’t really get to work today, so I’ll be sitting all night. Why? I’ll explain.

Early in the morning, after taking care of the kids and taking them to kindergarten, I had about 2 hours to work. After that I had to go to the construction site. Meeting with the construction manager, the tilers and my surveyor. Basically a chaos because everything was at the same time, because various people didn’t get along well, because the tilers can’t do something as already planned about a year ago and so on. After that I went home frustrated, with new tasks regarding the house construction. I was frustrated, annoyed, stressed. My hands were shaking. I had to come down somehow first.

At about 2 p.m. I had to get ready, I was going to a funeral. Unfortunately, someone called me again regarding the house, so I got there about 2 minutes late. Unbelievable, I felt terrible. At the funeral itself - pure Catholic - I could barely follow the priest. I thought back to times with the person we lost. I took the time finally to grieve and sank into tears.

Afterwards, I drove to my parents’ house. My dad started his now 4th chemo today and he was not doing so well. I talked to my parents, tried to cheer him up a bit.

After that I drove back to the house, clarify things with my wife on the spot. Again, that was a good 2 hours.

Arrived home about 20 minutes to work, then kind of had dinner and put the kids down. Now it’s about 11pm. And I’m starting to catch up on the remaining hours, although I’m completely wiped out.

That was my day. Not a very nice one, but I got through it. I tried to be there for many, although I needed a lot of strength myself. But that is my fate, to keep just that for myself.

I wish you a good night.

ohBananaJoe @ohBananaJoe

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