How real is Corona for me?

For well over 1 year now, the world has been struggling with a virus. Corona, COVID-19, there are many a name for this small yet destructive force. I myself have (probably) not come into contact with it, but some acquaintances and even friends have. All those I know have survived it well for the most part. Many others have not survived this disease.

Now the vaccinations have been running for some time. I received my 2nd vaccination today and will be “immune” in a good 2 weeks. With this I want to protect others, especially my family. Many can be vaccinated, there are of course also vaccination opponents, but there are everywhere. At the appointment today on site in the vaccination center I realized once again how real all this is, although I myself was never affected. There are people from the German armed forces where you register. This fact alone indicates that what is happening here is not an everyday occurrence. This already shook me up during my first vaccination back then. It is like in a movie where makeshift tents are set up. The crisis that we actually have becomes even more real.

But although it is all very real, we have a similar situation again as last year. Everything is slowly opening up again. People meet more, become even more careless. Well, I saw already weeks ago groups of young people kind of hanging out. All very close, drinking, partying and without masks. Slowly but surely, exactly this is allowed again. And who can show a completely filled vaccination book, may in the future then even more, or exactly what you can only do with previous Corona test. For my part, I am a little afraid of the upcoming autumn. My hope is that the vaccinations will no longer allow an enormous increase like last year, that we will slowly but surely reach an end of this war against an invisible enemy.

I am really very weary of this state of lockdowns, openings, bans, mandates, and so forth. I am well aware of the need for it. But I also know that a lot of things should have been done either harder or differently. And I also know how difficult it is to please everybody. The governments of this world don’t have it easy. Some do it better, others do it worse.

You know what makes me happy? Many share on, Twitter, Mastodon and other platforms that they are vaccinated. They share their joy about it. The bottom line is that they share that they care about others. That’s beautiful. Keep it up! I hope you are all doing quite well so far. Let’s give each other strength to make it through what I hope will be the last few months of this pandemic.

ohBananaJoe @ohBananaJoe

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