Full Monday

Our littlest was awake at a little after 5. Not her time. I couldn’t get her to go back to sleep either. But I had to get the kids to kindergarten early anyway because I had a very early appointment at the construction site. Anyway, the little one was screaming so much that the big one woke up too early too. The good thing about it: So I already did not have to make an effort to get the two awake.

Early breakfast, early visit to the kindergarten. Directly afterwards to the construction site. There I met someone from the construction company, who together with someone else from the company Viessmann would put the heat pump into operation. At the same time, the installation team for customer service work arrived. And then I was actually waiting for someone to put the Internet in my house. But he did not come. It was also a matter of the TAE socket being moved to another wall. Not the one where the house connection was. I called his supervisor and asked him about it. He said that would not be a problem, because the TAE socket is set by the Telekom. That was the end of the matter for me. I could take care of it with the Telekom at another time.

I drove home. 30 minutes, that stood an appointment. Until then, I received a call from the surveyor who wanted to look at the garage. Appointment agreed. Then someone called me where we ordered floors on the weekend. Delivery problems with the manufacturer. The floor comes only in August or September. (In July we move in.) Then was my meeting. During the meeting the technician called to get the internet up and running. He could not get in from the house connection. It was blocked. But I couldn’t leave. I told him that the installation team was there. He should contact them, they can always help.

The meeting was over and I drove to the construction site. About 1:15 hours of briefing on the heating system. Then a few bites to eat at home and quickly back to the kindergarten to pick up the kids. Then 1:30 hour presentation of my project to many very important people. Went quite well, although I was really stressed out again.

After that, babysitting, various phone calls, among others with the boss of the construction company because of our garage. And so on. Now at the PC, catching up on the remaining work time. Then 2-3 house issues to work off, which are still open. Then maybe sometime to bed.

I wish I had a totally boring day…

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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