13 hours. They will not be enough. 🏡

I’ve been sitting over a rebuttal to my floorboard builder’s lawyer’s letter for at least 13 hours now. I really wrote down everything in detail what happened with him and when. What didn’t fit. What was wrong. Who was to blame. I was able to refute everything in his lawyer’s letter, so to speak. There are countless false statements on his part in it anyway.

I have taken care to collect witness statements about everything.

Next Wednesday I have an appointment with the lawyer. Then it goes into the next round.

I am so broken. When I’m not watching the kids or working, I’ve been working on this problem. I should have invested this time urgently in other house issues. Or better yet, in my family. Everything fell by the wayside again.

In the end, something will come out. But I will never get back the lost time and the soon lost money. Especially not my mental health, which is in worse shape than ever.

But well, let’s move on, shall we? I was raised years ago to fight, at all costs. Let’s keep going.

And a whole other story, but related. The incorrectly poured by him base for the heat pump was replaced today with correct 2 strip foundation. The pipe he buried too short in the ground was extended. Underneath, the construction workers from the other company discovered old pipes of his that he originally placed incorrectly and simply left in the ground. Well, don’t give it another thought.

The heat pump can come.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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