Houseldidouseldi 🏡

As announced, as expected but not hoped for, yesterday I received a letter from a lawyer for justifiably withholding money because there are too many defects. Nevertheless, he (floor slab builder) wants the money for the reasons x. These reasons x I have now to refute - and I have more than enough evidence. I have had to find a lawyer, have to go next week and so on. Means for countless unnecessary hours of effort and lots of costs for the lawyer. All this would not have been necessary, but it is.

Then still further stress in x places in terms of house construction. Also my construction manager is not satisfied with some of my criticisms. I also don’t like the way he reacts to some of my points.

The construction industry is not for me. Not at all. Fortunately, I like to take notes and photos and save countless emails, phone calls and so on. I have proof for most of it, meaning I’m more or less always in the right. To be honest, I’m always in the right when I complain about something, otherwise I wouldn’t do it, but very rarely I lack evidence, for example because something was only agreed verbally. And exactly with such a thing absolutely everyone, EVERYONE, falls you in the back. I’m learning, nothing more without written correspondence.

So, what did I want to say? Where I was feeling bad in the last few weeks, I’m feeling really bad now, at least since this letter that I received yesterday.

Family, work and my own health come far too short. And I feel this in exactly these places.

I wish I was as strong as my dad. Unfortunately I disappoint him. I am weak. I fight, but I will never be as strong, a protector, as he is.

Sorry dad. I am the person who often breaks down alone when no one is around. Only then. At least I spare everyone that.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day, nice weekend to all of you.

And by the way. Twitter still blocks me. Maybe they don’t like my house stories.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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