What's new about the house? 🏡

So… where do I start?

Heat pump. For the screed we need our heat pump. This could not be put because our floor slab builder made the wrong base. Now I have asked other builders and found one that will change the base for us next Monday and prepare everything correctly. Tuesday should then put the heat pump into operation and the screed is slowly heated. (2 weeks delay - speak also for the move-in). Now the really funny thing about it: I told the site manager that he must have the scaffolding changed there. The construction company will have to dig there to also extend the pipe that is too short - also a mistake by the floor slab builder. What do I see on site yesterday? The scaffolding has now become even taller and more expansive. Right where work needs to be done. Yes, the facade has to be done, but scaffolding can be erected in other ways. I’m curious if this will be adjusted again by Monday. If not, all my effort (several hours to call construction companies and meet on site) was in vain.

Kitchen. The kitchen would have to be ordered. On Monday was measured again on site that everything would fit perfectly. Open was from our kitchen planner still the stove. This would apparently no longer be orderable, but he has inquired at Siemens. I called the planner today what is now with it. He so “oh, yes… he calls right there”. 10 minutes later came the callback that it is still available for order. Now there are 4-5 other points where we had queries. There comes tonight a mail, then there is my acceptance for it, then the kitchen is finally ordered, which will then possibly not be there on the move-in date. Funny thing: If you don’t check 100x everywhere, nothing happens.


  • The screed in the shower area was poured incorrectly.
  • Incorrectly prepared exterior lights (outlets) and a motion detector were not implemented as we had originally ordered. I then just had to listen to “we’ll do it, but it’s out of proportion”. I do not care, I bought it that way.
  • I still do not know where my sewage pipe is.
  • No one wants to correct the garage because otherwise they would have to warranty the floor slab, etc from the floor slab builder. No one wants that!! Seems I will now have an unusable garage forever and then the lawsuit from the floor slab builder on my neck.
  • I almost missed an appointment at the construction site now. But now I have to go quickly. See you later.
Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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