Mad Max: Fury Road | Adrenaline rush at the cinema 🍿

In 2015, I went to the cinema without too many expectations. I had chosen Mad Max: Fury Road as my movie. I never saw the predecessors, even today. But I liked the trailers for the film and Tom Hardy is actually always a must-see.

And what can I say: It was probably one of the few films where I sat in the cinema with my mouth open from beginning to end. It was a 2-hour adrenaline rush. The movie was breathtaking, especially on the big screen. The images, the action, the soundtrack, everything fit. This is action as it should be.

One scene in particular stuck in my mind. Not because it is the best of the film, but because the symbiosis of music and images here is just incredibly good. The soundtrack by Junkie XL gives Mad Max: Fury Road that certain something and above all the track Brothers in Arms. But see and hear for yourself.

Just now I remembered exactly this scene and the corresponding track. Immediately after that I had to search for it and was once again amazed how ingenious the shown here is. This is action, this is end time.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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