Kindergarten restart, house, tears

Yesterday everything was so wonderful. My big girl is totally looking forward to kindergarten and her friends anyway. My little one was also happy yesterday and quickly went to her group without saying goodbye.

Today… it looked a little different. My little one woke up shortly before 6 o’clock in the morning. Way too early. Accordingly, she was in a bad mood. When we arrived at the kindergarten everything was still fine. In the checkroom, however, she just said no. She didn’t want to go to her group. I took her in my arms, went in with her, showed her something, and gave her a pep talk. The kindergarten teacher accepted my little girl, took her in her arms, spoke to her and my little girl burst into tears. I left, had to take my big girl to her group. She was happy, quick as a flash and then immediately with her friends. Nice to see.

Afterwards, I went to the construction site, found out that the standpipe for water was missing, which I had been promised for 8 o’clock, then I drove home. On the way I had to stop. I could not go on. I collapsed. My little girl was crying, I was crying. All the stress, then that she is not well currently. I am so exhausted. All I had in my head was: you have meetings in a minute, before that you have to check on something about the house again. I stood there. And I stood there. At some point I drove off again. Gathered the last reserves of strength. On we go.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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