Corona Insanity. An app that doesn't work and a strange vaccination date.

Okay, that was weird

The vaccination date

I was at the vaccination earlier. I had prepared everything correctly. I had the official letter that I am caregiver 2 for my very sick dad. Everything was there. Then I arrive at the vaccination center, sit down in front of 3 people (who, by the way, sit very close to each other, without masks) and am asked why I am there (obviously too young). I say it, refer to the document. Then they are missing another document. A woman asks me endless questions. I would need something else, that is not enough and so on. What’s interesting about this is that when I registered by phone on Saturday, it was fine. I didn’t have to bring anything else. Anyway, I didn’t feel like arguing, was just briefly provocative:

Should I go again quickly and get the further letter and we postpone the vaccination?

The lady:

No, we vaccinate now, but next time it must be proven, because such a letter as I had with me, anyone can bring.

Meanwhile, the doctor next to me hops from one leg to the other, and at some point asks quite unnerved:

Can we finally do it now?

I got the injection and then some things became clear to me. Obviously, people now falsify such letters that a family member is severely disabled in order to get a Corona vaccination sooner.

And now seriously: Who the hell would do such a thing? Have they taken leave of their senses? Do they seriously think that I pretend that my dad has cancer just to get vaccinated?

Well, by now I am experienced in dealing with difficult people.

Oh, and one more thing. Since I am not over 60, I am older gentlemen all the time eyed.

The Corona Warning App

Friday I did a Corona test with both of my kids. The result should be there by yesterday, because I wanted to take them to kindergarten today. So, for the first time ever, I downloaded the German Corona Warning App, scanned the QR code and checked daily, hourly, where the result is. Nothing. Nada.

The kids are not in kindergarten today. They are now with grandma and grandpa, because I had to go to the vaccination.

I just called the doctor about the test results. She tells me on the phone: It’s there, both negative. I can pick it up.

Okay. Means: A letter was faster than the Corona Warning App.

Corona Warning Crap uninstalled.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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