Frustration email 🏡

I am composing an email to 3 men. 3 men who were on the construction site weeks ago together with me, my wife and the floor slab builder. 3 men, each of whom had promised to help, that we would find solutions as quickly as possible, that everything would be done as quickly and as best as possible. So far, these 3 men have not done much. And I try to make them understand that without sounding too harsh about it. Without hurting anyone - I am hurt.

I ask these 3 men how our cooperation looks like. Whether I can expect help and if, then which? Or if they say: You made the contract, no matter what we promised, take care of it yourself. All answers are fine. It’s just that I finally need an answer to this at all.

But maybe such an email is absolutely unnecessary. Maybe I will offend someone with it after all. Maybe they do much more in the background than I realize. Nevertheless, too little happened to me personally.

Maybe I make myself even more work, completely in vain.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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