I have only construction site stories ๐Ÿก

This morning Loxone cable ordered because we still need that urgently. This afternoon canceled because it comes too late anyway and then the electrician brings another one and this then installed in the aftermath, but drilled more for it.

Drywallers are there and make the ceilings completely. The beams underneath were measured by my dad, so that we can hang later times well. Thanks dad!

The excavator driver was there with a mood like anything - no wonder, he also has problems with our floor panel builder. He dug deeper where we removed the scaffolding yesterday. Now the depth fits. But the public utility company has no time. So everything will take time again.

We are getting some stupid sheet metal on the outside that wasn’t in the model home. Why? No idea. Point of contention.

We get some cans on the inside everywhere there are blinds that no one ever told us about. Why? Allegedly necessary. Point of contention.

The photovoltaic system does not fit. We got something else than discussed. There is no concession from the company. I got a call today with a very generous offer, which is not generous. Point of contention.

No feedback from the floor panel builder regarding our issues with him. Things are getting tight. At least the base for the heat pump needs to be redone and done differently. Point of contention.

And so on.

My kids earlier: do you have time for us? Can we play? Us: No. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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