What's been going on lately?

Friends and family

First the best news: My best girlfriend is talking to me again, which makes me infinitely happy. Some of you may remember. Some time ago, I was very wrong in my choice of words. In any case, I am infinitely happy that we are slowly finding our way back to each other.

The vacation week I wanted to reserve for my family was a vacation week for house construction. It was terribly nerve-wracking. No one in my family benefited from it. That said, things don’t really get any better next week when I also go back to work. This makes me very sad.


I was downgraded (upgraded?) from priority 4 to priority 2. My vaccination against Corona could come so soon. I am looking forward to it, really. I want to finally get this all behind me.

Otherwise, I’m a mental wreck. It would be an understatement to blame everything on building a house. Simply everything is costing me everything. It is very important that many things change soon, that I change. I am working on it.


I’m going to part ways with HEY. That cool and hip internet service. As nice as I thought it was, it ultimately did me little good. In one respect, but more about that in a moment. In the matter of mail I remain faithful to the usual. I have a clean folder structure and a partly very important archive. I have set up good filters and work so mails structured and good. HEY got this a little bit mixed up. It opened up new possibilities for me, but old habits I had to partially forget, which I did not want. So in the end it did not make me happier. And that’s what it should be: A web service should be helpful in some way. Be useful. And thus make you happier.

By the way, I will not continue my Banana Weekly with it. Not even in another form. That was kind of great, but I don’t feel like worrying about how to send a newsletter elsewhere now.

HEY made me subscribe to various newsletters. The “The Feed” section in HEY was great. But rather, it was a stepping stone to Mailbrew, which has completely replaced my feed reader for about a week now. I now get a summary 3x a day from all the sources I’ve been feeding in. This way I don’t get all the news of the day, but at least a selection. And that’s exactly what I need. I have so no more urge to constantly open the feedreader. Instead, I’m happy when another summary lands in my inbox at 19:30. Great concept. That’s useful. It actually makes me happier. The few euros from HEY will probably go into a year’s subscription here.

Movies, video games, books

I last bought Neo Cab in the Eshop Sale from Nintendo. It’s basically a kind of interactive movie in a cyberpunk universe. I think it’s great. It’s quiet, emotional, beautiful to watch. Just what I need. I first considered buying Immortals Fenyx Rising on sale, but ended up not liking the demo. I should just play demos more often again. Recently, I just bought games in the sale and was then partially disappointed. And by the way: I had a very similar experience with Lonely Mountains: Downhill. I found the demo horrible. I couldn’t get to grips with the controls at all. That ruled it out for me.

I only watch a few movies. The last one I saw moved me a lot, but I always have to spend my few free minutes every day on something else.

I’ve been reading my current book, After You, a little further. Only a few pages. It’s great. I hope to get further soon.

Closing words

Probably there is more, much more. But I just wrote that off my chest. It’s okay, just like that.

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