Problems 🏡

I know I shouldn’t. But…

Read if you want. If not, okay. Stop here.

This morning the trench for water, electricity and telecom was dug and prepared. Spontaneously the Stadtwerke Wunsiedel had time to connect everything. We were very happy that finally everything went smoothly.

Around 2 p.m. the water engineer of the Stadtwerke called. They can’t go on. The multi-branch connection is not deep enough in the ground. Frost protection is not provided. We have to make improvements.

Who is to blame? Our floor slab builder again. There is a prescribed depth that he has not complied with. We now have to dig up to the house, to the edge, and try to get that deeper. I have a huge scaffold to take down this weekend so we can dig next week. My backhoe driver is actually already scheduled for next week though. However, if we don’t do that next week, the house construction will be delayed because the screed can’t be done.

Basically, nothing should surprise me anymore. Really not. But in fact I can’t do it anymore. If I could, I’d throw it all away. Everything. The end. Out. Finally over. No more problems. But that remains. And somehow this guy is always the reason for f**** everything.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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