Restart: 8 km running 🏃

The last time I ran… I can’t even remember… maybe 2 years ago. And actually yesterday I really wanted to go running again. But there was one snowstorm after the other. And since I’m rather a wimp, I waited for today.

In the evening I went for a run. Stupid as I am, I have not warmed up. I just ran, but immediately caught the right pace. And then I ran. And I ran. I felt like Forrest Gump. Well, at least in terms of running. It went well, very well. The first kilometer was done, then the second. And on it went. I looked for the route spontaneously.

After kilometer four it pinched here and there a bit. But nothing that I would not survive. On we go! My soundtrack during this: The Techno Tunnel on Deezer. Great beat, very motivating.

Runtastic I had reinstalled before my run. I’ve always liked the app. It told me every mile and some motivational data during my run.

I ran and ran, it was getting dark. But it went on. I didn’t want to stop, although more places in my body were pinching. But it was okay.

From kilometer 7 on, my knees were hurting pretty bad. But I continued to run. Probably it was very stupid and it would pay off, but I could still. I still had air and power. Pain I can bear.

I ran until kilometer 8. I aligned my tour so that I would arrive back home there. It worked almost to the meter.

In summary: I am so proud of myself. Despite the huge break in running, I did very easily. It was a pleasure to run. Finally running again. The nature, the fresh air, the movement. Divine! And while running I also realized why I absolutely had to do this. The last few weeks had cost me an endless amount of energy. At the same time, however, I have an irrepressible rage inside me. I am underutilized. And not just since I started building the house. All this drove me on. This anger I ran out, so to speak.

I hope that in the next few days I’ll get to run again and again and thus finally be able to pursue one of my favorite hobbies on a regular basis again.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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