A week without house complaints 🏡

I think I have made it. I didn’t want to bother you with my house for a whole week, respectively not at all with the problems that come along with it. Done! The only thing I did: I shared 2 pictures (1, 2) of the construction progress. I thought I could do that, that’s not what I wanted to exclude.

What did I learn from this? I blogged significantly less. The problems remained, but I didn’t write them down. Did it help me in any way to not put this on “paper”? Basically, I did you guys a favor. And with it in a certain way also me. So I’ll try to keep all the complaints on my part to a minimum at Micro.blog. It was too much the last weeks. Definitely.

What’s the current situation on the construction site?

Quite good. The garage is still a disaster, okay. Also, the floor slab builder is responsible for a base for the heat pump’s outdoor unit, which doesn’t fit like that. Exactly this could delay the whole construction, because we need this unit to let the screed harden. I see that as an even bigger problem than the leaning garage. We just keep on arguing “happily”.

But aside from that, things are already progressing. We have found solutions to minor problems. Currently, the photovoltaic system is being installed. And there, too, something has come up: The craftsmen cannot install it as planned. So it will not be centered on the roof. Nice, isn’t it? The chimney is ultimately to blame. We’ll think about it for a while now and then probably just accept it as it is. Not beautiful but functional. Or how was that?

I currently have mixed feelings about the house. On the one hand, it’s nice to be there, to see the progress. On the other hand, I shy away from any kind of work that has to do with it. Even if it’s just a phone call. I just want people to come and go and at the end I’m given the key and told: everything went absolutely perfectly. Have fun!

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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