At the moment I use a combination of and HEY. I forward everything from to HEY, but still store everything in Mailbox. This has mainly to do with the house construction. I have so many important mails backed up there that can’t be imported to HEY, so I continue to process them there and have moved the rest to HEY. To be honest, this is very annoying. But it will also drag on like this for some time. It’s just that I like to have everything in one place. And that is currently only possible with Mailbox. I doubt my decision for HEY. I wanted to avoid a double effort. So basically, I’m simply missing an import function at HEY. Yes, they want you to start clean. A restart. All understood. Nice idea. But I am already a bit of an archivist, which is what this takes away from me.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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