This is Charly, and he has a story. Would you like to know it?

Just now I stumbled across my Charly. My little one was playing with him. Charly has been one of my most loyal companions since 2017. He was a gift from my wife. He gave me comfort during a hard time.

In 2017, I drove over 150 km to work every day for over 10 months. That was a total of 300 km a day. So in bad traffic conditions, I was on the road for up to 4 hours a day. This meant getting up very early in the morning and coming home very late in the evening. Why was that?

We lived in the Ingolstadt area for 4 years. My wife, an elementary school teacher, was then transferred back to the Wunsiedel area, where we were originally from, at the end of that time. I kept my very good job for the time being. The previous trip of about 30 minutes was thus extended to 1.5 - 2 hours, as we both moved to Wunsiedel. The decision to look for a new job was made quite quickly after the birth of my first daughter. Due to the many working hours and the long drive, I had very little of my daughter in the first weeks and months. I was always on the road and much too tired in the evenings. Or rather, my little one was already in bed by then. That could not go on like that.

How does Charly come into play here? In these 10 months I also lived sometimes in a pension. Sometimes one day a week, sometimes 2 days, depending on the situation. (Most of the time, though, I tried to be at home. To be with my family.) For this time alone there my wife gave me Charly. It was nice to have him with me. He reminded me of my little family, gave me comfort during a time when I could not be with them. Since then he is always with me. He reminds me of a hard time. Of long journeys where microsleep also played a role. I am glad that nothing ever happened.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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