Hardly any positive thoughts 🏡

Right now I am struggling with having positive thoughts. I want to get away from the eternal only fighting problems. I can’t. I can’t think of anything. Yes, I know… my family is healthy, I have a nice apartment and so on. There is enough. But that doesn’t distract me. It doesn’t steer my thoughts anywhere else. Everything is fixated on this house and the problems associated with it. On this intolerable floor slab builder. On the ventilation outlets, which we have to put all new after long planning in a small area that is just crap. And so on. It’s such a shame. I had a high a few days when the house construction started that I haven’t had in months. That’s gone. It seems like a dream I had.

Here at Micro.blog I’ve been trying not to write anything about it since yesterday. You can tell it’s not working. I try to write or share nice things. It rarely works out. I have the impression I have to do something good for you. I can’t.

I am sorry, everybody. Sorry for the way I am.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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