House: planning phase vs. on site 🏡

I have spent the last year, hours and days, explaining to the builder how I want certain things. It cost me a lot of time. A lot of nerves. A lot of energy.

Today, I was back on site. The house is standing. For example, it was about the bathtub that I want to have set very specifically. The plumber asked me on site how exactly I want it. I talked it through with him. He understood immediately, make it exactly so. It took 15 minutes. Like this. Do you notice anything? To explain what I talked through with him in 15 minutes last year to the construction company so that they would pass it on, I invested at least 1 week. The installer knew nothing about it. I do not blame him. He is super nice and competent. Just for you guys, you handle things like this on the job site. End of story!

Another example: We only wanted one downpipe for our gutter per long side. We discussed for hours and days. It was also about how steep the angle of the gutter must be, so that the water flows off well. It was an endless discussion with countless people at the construction company. Today I spoke with the plumber on site. 5 minutes the conversation and everything was clear. And besides, he makes us that as we want. The construction company had always told us something different.

In a way madness. But I realize how important it is to spend 2-3 hours on the construction site every day until completion. Well, that’s just the way it is. Especially since all the trades and thus construction workers are totally the cool people. Yes, there can also still times a… I do not name it… be. But overall, I’m very satisfied so far.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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