Construction site madness 🏡

Oh funny. This morning I was still there, they said that I could think about where exactly the water connection for the washing machine would go. Afternoon I get there, had looked for a position, tells me the plumber he already had it ready, there it is now.

Then he still explains to us that the ventilation outlets on the upper floor could not be made anywhere where we would have specified it in advance with the construction company. Oh yes, that it goes in the first floor almost nowhere where we wanted, we know already longer. And to top it all off, he tells us that the hoses will be in the attic. During the planning months ago we were told that these would disappear in the intermediate floor between the roof and the upper floor.

What else? The plumber, of whom I had a good impression this morning, has set the gutter incorrectly.

Otherwise, everything is good. My hands are shaking all the way through now.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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