Life is Strange 3 is coming! 🎮

Among other things, there was talk that young Alex will be the main character, while as for the setting, it was elaborated that the next installment of the Life is Strange franchise will take us to a small town set in either the Midwest or the southern United States.

The main character here will be Alex. Alex is described here as a bisexual young woman of American-Asian descent who grew up in foster care and has an older brother named Gabe. Furthermore, according to the latest leak, Alex has the ability to read and control emotions.

More on this on March 18 when the game is officially unveiled.

I would like to say that Life is Strange is one of the very few games that I have played through 2x. It is one of my absolute favorite games. I also played Before the Storm afterwards. Life is Strange 2 has been sitting untouched on my PS4 hard drive for ages. Probably a mistake.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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