I will not continue to use HEY.com

I love the interface and the idea of HEY. But currently I am missing too many features that I use or that are important to me. And that for an amount of about 100 EUR per year!

  • For example, I love the contact synchronization with my smartphone. It also allows me to store birthdays, addresses and much more in the contacts, which is not possible with HEY.
  • To use my own domain directly at HEY. Currently I have to store it somewhere else and then access it via SMTP. (Double costs.)
  • And some more things…

I do not use HEY World. I also don’t want to. My mail address at HEY was private. But who says that I want to use this address also for the HEY blog? For private topics I have (and love) Micro.blog. Maybe that’s just the “problem” that I already have a private blog.

I take the topic “The Feed” or “Paper Trail” as an incentive to optimize my own filter rules. In the end, this is how I arrive at an “imbox” where only the most important messages end up.

I can also set what I want to get push messages for or not. Almost every mail app can do that. This may be a little more work in the end, but as I said, for an extra 100 EUR a year, I can sit down for a few minutes. And yes, reply later - various mail apps can do that, too.

As I said, HEY is really cool. The ideas are great. Mailing was really fun for me again. But it’s not yet the perfect solution. Therefore, I’ll just wait a little longer. I’ll keep an eye on what’s still happening. Until then I will stay with my sterile but very good mail provider mailbox.org.

I have one more: I also like the idea of trackers being blocked. I always like it when it says above the mail: Tracker blocked! It makes you feel superior and somehow good. Various other mail apps can do that too. The web interface of mailbox.org does not. (As far as I know.) However, I believe that I will survive this.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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