House. Garage. Read only if you are into sadomaso. 🏚️

I told you yesterday that the floor plate for the garage does not fit. As a result, today I had to see to it that next week the construction manager and the floor slab builder meet at the construction site. I played secretary. Why is not clear to me. I am pissed off.

After that I was on the construction site myself. The plumbing was installed. And lo and behold, again mistakes of the floor slab builder. The pipes were not set correctly in the floor slab. Normally, there should be something around, so that the concrete is not directly on it. But this was almost never the case. After saying,

I’ve never experienced anything like this before

the installer explained that he had to pry open the floor slab in x places and correct the other person’s crap work.

I also made phone calls to people who supposedly cared, but never actually did. Now saying that yes this is unbelievable and of course everything is corrected as quickly as possible. They take care of it. Everything is going to be fine. Here’s a treat.

Something like this.

The “best” was then probably the statement:

This floor slab builder must very often touch up somewhere.

Great. Thanks for picking that one out for me then.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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