Optimization of my news workflow (in progress)

I wanted to optimize my news workflow. Right now I’m still surfing various sites, using a feed reader, calling Twitter, opening the SZ app and so on. How can I optimize this workflow?

HEY offers “The Feed” section for newsletters. I thought this was a pretty darn cool idea at first, until it came back to me that I deliberately subscribe to little or no newsletters. What I get there is mostly unwanted or nonsense. Or, at some point, I signed up for it because I wanted a coupon.

@maique made me aware of Mailbrew. You simply build your personal newsletter from top tweets, RSS sources and much more. Even newsletters can be integrated somehow (not tested). The idea is great. But I would only get a few RSS entries per source in the newsletter. For example the last 4. There is no “best of the day” here. How could there be… I discarded the idea after only one day of testing. I much prefer to call up my feed reader when I have the time and inclination, skim the headlines and images, and either click on something or mark everything as read.

Then - through a conversation on Micro.blog - I had the idea to try Feedbin again. And there you can also have newsletters sent there. Now I wonder several things:

  • Do I need Feedbin at all? The service offers a very nice web interface, but no app for Android. I use the really good FocusReader, but it doesn’t interpret, for example, my Micro.blog timeline that I subscribed to there as nicely as Feedbin itself. So far I use Miniflux. The web interface is terrible, but the service itself is only $15 a year. Feedbin, on the other hand, is $50 a year.
  • Do I use the newsletter receiving functionality there or at HEY? With HEY, the trackers are deactivated right away. Cool. Is that the same with Feedbin? And: Where is it better? In the mail client or in a feed reader? And: Do I even want newsletters? I’ve subscribed to a few tech newsletters that I probably don’t need.

How do you do it? Do you have any tips and suggestions for me? At the moment I have the feeling that I’m taking on a lot of work unnecessarily. That I’m not simplifying my workflow, but complicating it.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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