There are the walls! 🏡

Things are getting busy this week. The construction crew for our house is here. The walls are being put up bit by bit. At the end of the week, the house should already be sealed, that is, the roof completely on it. After that the garage will be put up - finished. After that, 15 weeks of interior work will follow.


Yesterday we were on site. Suddenly there was scaffolding and a crane. The crane driver was very nice. He also explained to us that our house is currently being stored at the Volksfestplatz. We went there afterwards. A total of 7 trailers were loaded with our wooden parts. We did not sleep very well. Because what if someone is doing something malicious with it? (The last months have made us very pesimistic and negative).


We went there very early. The first truck was already there, but with small parts, which were distributed in the house and around the property. Then about 2 hours later we started. The first wall part (kitchen & dining) came, was hoisted by the crane in the middle of the scaffolding, it was placed, ready. After about 3 hours we could already enter the first floor rooms. Wow, this is what it looks like one day? That’s exactly how we imagined it, even better!

The first walls

The construction team currently is great class. And, although I didn’t want to have it anymore, I have the utmost confidence in the 5 guys as well as the crane and truck driver. They are doing a great job. You can see how precisely they work and how much fun they have doing it. Cool thing!

Our living room. Roughly like this.

We’re going again tonight. By then, the false ceiling should already be in place.


Tomorrow, if everything runs smoothly, the upper floor will be put on, as well as the roof. Thursday (they have announced storm, let’s see if they can work then), the roof should be covered with tiles.

Anyway. My mood right now in terms of house building is better than…. yes, since the beginning of the house construction. Finally I see something. I finally have some confidence again. Finally, my wooden house is placed, which I chose for exactly the reasons: It will be put in 3 days. It is so to speak healthy (wood!!), the climate in the house is noticeably better, the energy values will be great. It feels right at the moment.

Final word: Please dear God, don’t disappoint me. Please don’t let my confidence and optimism hit the wall.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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