I'm slowly saying goodbye to Evernote

Although I signed up for Premium again last year (stupid), I’ll still be saying goodbye to the program sooner or later.

I see Evernote as a very old beast by now. Cumbersome, used up, cluttered. When I start the Windows app it first takes and takes and takes. I get a dashboard that I don’t need. Switching notebooks takes time. The feature set is too large. While it’s not as complicated as Notion for example, it’s way too much. And this weight is noticeable in Evernote’s apps, whether on Windows, on the web, or on Android.

Too bad, I liked the tool. I continue to use it for my house construction, because I’ve stored just about everything there and share and edit the info with my wife. But for all other notes, I’m finally switching to something lighter, faster, more modern.

It looks like it will be Bundled Notes, which feels modern and fast. However, Standard Notes is still an alternative. It’s all about me taking notes quickly and having that at my fingertips on both my PC (it’s okay by browser) and my phone. Basically both apps manage that. But above all, I want a great user experience. I want to move forward quickly and not be slowed down.

And for you guys, just for the record, I will be giving away 1 Evernote Premium every month, which will be free for you for 1 year. I’ll do that as long as my Premium is up and running. The first one will be @burk on Micro.blog. The 2nd one is welcome to contact me.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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