Life is not fair

Early last year, a colleague at work informed me of a very serious illness of his still very young daughter. A lot of money was needed to import an experimental drug from the USA. I helped with a donation as well as many other colleagues.

The story about the girl was heartbreaking. When I read about it I really had to cry a lot, the family had my fullest compassion.

The day before yesterday I received an email. It was about the girl. Her life could be prolonged by the drug and further treatments. She was allowed to experience a lot in the last year and so she could enjoy her little life a little bit more. Nevertheless, the growth of the tumor in her head was only slowed down. Further metastases have formed in the meantime. They do not know how long the girl has to live.

You know, it breaks my heart as a dad who has 2 little girls himself. Even now, as I write these lines again, I am melting. On the one hand I am glad that I could help a little, on the other hand I am devastated, because she probably doesn’t have very long to live. That is not fair.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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