Stephen King - The Institute Review 📚

As the story began as a sort of involuntary road trip by Tim, I immediately took him and the book to my heart. An interesting character comes to a small town and becomes a night knocker. Never heard of it before, but all the more interesting I found exactly that.

Shortly thereafter, I met Luke, who would be the focus from then on. He and numerous other children who were held captive in the so-called Insititute. King-typically it was very rough there. So much so that you could almost feel the children’s pain yourself. Of course, this was also due to the fact that the character drawing is once again great.

Nevertheless: I was sad. Where is Tim? Only the children? I was a bit disappointed, but only briefly. Because the story about the institute, the background and the children became more exciting by the minute. And as typical for King, I couldn’t put the book down after about halfway through, because that’s when it really picked up speed.

I had almost forgotten about Tim, but then the two heroes finally met. It was great. A relief and at the same time tension, because how exactly did they deal with what was to come?

Then the end of the book was good. No, it wasn’t very good, unfortunately, but still good enough that I will definitely read The Institute again. What I’m getting at is that the showdown felt kind of forced. It was spectacular but not spectacular enough. As if King had to draw a line very quickly.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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