In 2015 my wife and I spent a very nice and very adventurous vacation in Bali. Adventurous because we climbed an active volcano, the Batur.

I dedicate the following words and pictures to @ridwan @maique @jemostrom and anyone else who cares. :)

On 29/08/2015, very early in the morning we climbed Batur with several groups of people. The climb turned out to be more difficult than expected. At this point, fortunately, I was in pretty good shape. One climbed among other things very high lava rock. It surprised me that some young women tried the ascent with flip-flops or even completely different footwear. They managed somehow, but I wouldn’t have wanted them to. Most then anyway did not make it to the full height of the volcano, from which one could marvel at a fabulous sunrise.

The last meters were even more strenuous than the previous ones over partly 1 meter high rock. It went over sand. That was depressing. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. But we fought our way up. At the top I was absolutely sweaty. It was cold, the wind was blowing, clouds and fog obscured the view. Unfortunately, 90% of the time I was up there. But even with that, the adventure had been worth it. I was proud and happy to be there. And I was able to capture a few light moments in the end, when the sun rose.

I have not post-processed the images, I just simply did not feel like it. 😂

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