My Kindle Paperwhite has arrived! 📚

Did I mention that my Kindle Paperwhite arrived today? (Spoiler: Yes.)

A nondescript little package in the mailbox. At first I didn’t expect it to be so small, but then I learned to appreciate the size. And now the question: on Amazon you can see pictures of people who ordered 5 of them. Each of them had different colors. Say one had more of a yellow tint, the other went into the bluish, etc. I have one lying there now. And paranoid as I am, I ask myself: Do I accept it like that? Or do I order a few more and choose the one that appeals to me the most? I must say that it currently fits me so quite well. But here you see again, how reviews affect the brain of another…

Anyway, I immediately bought the novel “The Institute” by Stephen King, which I’ve been listening to on Audible so far. This is now read further. I have always preferred to read books, but Audible has been my choice since I had to drive long distances to work.

I expect a lot from the little technical creature. I hope I can finally get back to reading more. I haven’t read many Stephen King novels to date (I’m a big fan of his works). I need to catch up on that now. And maybe I’ll buy one or two of my favorite books for Kindle again. For example “The Swarm” by Frank Schätzing or my favorite King novels like “The Stand”, “It” or “11/22/63”.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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