Honest Thief vs. Stupid Reviews 🍿

Just once again I noticed how stupid some reviews are. On iTunes you can now rent the new actioner Honest Thief with Liam Neeson for 14.99 EUR. Just to understand: This is more or less equivalent to a movie release. The distributor has decided to make the film available on streaming platforms for just under 15 EUR, since theaters are closed. In the cinema, you also pay just under 15 including drink and popcorn. Anyway.

The comments:

You crazy and buy for 50 € or what.

Borrow for this price? Never !!!

wanted to buy the movie and would be willing to pay 14.99 €, have fortunately seen just in time that this price is not intended for purchase…. Apple, are you serious!?!?!? The rating with one star goes only to Apple, I can’t say anything about the movie yet

And so on, and so on.

So while I am happy and have the opportunity to see new movies at all on release, others are just stupid. And really bad: These nonsense ratings distort the overall rating of the film. But that’s how it is everywhere. At Amazon, for example, quite popular: “5 stars because very fast delivery”.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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