Hitman 3: Chongqing 🎮

Graphically, the Chongqing Mission is what Cyberpunk 2077 should have been. A visual treat. The city is more techno than the driving club “Hölle” in the mission before.

In this mission you have to take out 2 targets. One allows you to disguise yourself as a test subject. You then sit opposite the target at some point. And somehow the target then tries to break into your head with the help of tech stuff. A person in the room says that if you go above 100% power, the target will die. It took me two attempts before I understood what I was supposed to do. So I sat across from the target twice and psychically resisted his attack on my mind. In between, he kept leaving the room. It then occurred to me that I would have to eliminate the only person still there so that it could be turned up to over 125%. Unfortunately, I missed that. There was a third attempt. Again I resisted his mind power. But then came the disillusionment. Hitman 3 is obviously smarter than me. The target said that there was no point with me, I should disappear and he would continue with someone else tomorrow. Well, that was it. I left. And a few minutes later I came back, stood in front of him, shot him in the head and took to my heels.

Creative, isn’t it?

That’s as far as I’ve got, by the way.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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