Me, the Hitman 3 failure ๐ŸŽฎ

Last night I completed mission 2 from Hitman 3. It took about 3 hours (2 attempts) because I couldn’t find the case file…

In the first attempt I got caught putting on the detective’s clothes. From then on, I was wanted. It was then terribly difficult, so I made a new start. In the 2nd attempt, I killed my target rather quickly. The interesting thing is that the in-game characters I talked to didn’t know anything about it, whether they saw the murder or not. They talked as if the person still existed. And then I couldn’t complete side missions and I couldn’t find the case file either. I ended up having to google for that. ๐Ÿคฆ I think I was just too tired….

Anyway, after that I got to mission 3, which takes place in Berlin in a discotheque. Super cool, really! There I got caught in the first murder - no idea how they did that. From then on I was hunted. So I ran away for another half hour, then I went to bed.

In bed, I kept dreaming about the estate from Mission 2.

I really shouldn’t play just before going to bed anymore.

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