So actually the day should go quite differently, but it always comes differently and especially than you think.

Yesterday, the floor slab builder was supposed to call me whether he was coming today or not. He did not. So I wanted to call him today at a humane time. Instead, he called me at a less humane time that he is now on the construction site, whether I would come over. There went all my plans of working, watching the kids, etc. So I drove there, was there for an hour. They re-measured everything they had screwed up themselves. He dismissed it as “oh, those few cm”. I said, “No, and there in front it’s often off by far more than half a meter. That’s no small thing!” The time for kindness has long since passed. I finally manage to distinguish between business contact and “friends” again. That’s enormously important in the construction industry anyway. So I made it perfectly clear what I wanted and how. However… nothing can be done at the moment. Too much snow, ice and frost. Oh, did I mention that in week 8/2021 the house should be placed? Now it will be exciting to see if all the snow and frost is gone by then, so that the slabs can be poured… Maybe I should pray again?

Okay. Besides work and taking care of the kids, I also wanted to take care of the construction plan, which still doesn’t fit 100%. I wanted to consult there. That was just now a little later. Well, much later. First of all I stopped at the bakery and bought doughnuts, rolls and salt sticks. At least the breakfast was then good.

Now it’s noon and I start to work. Let’s see how many hours are possible today. I can’t concentrate right now. Was again somehow too much the whole morning …

Okay. Other than that. My announcement about “tomorrow is the day” could still drag on slightly. But you will see. :)

In this sense. About 7 phone calls, 1 hour in the cold and a good breakfast including playtime later I’m sitting here with the leftovers of the doughnuts, typing these lines for my diary and trying to calm down and work sensibly now.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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