Hitman 3, first impressions ๐ŸŽฎ

I bought Hitman 3 because I thought you could get the Hitman 1 levels for free and then the Hitman 2 levels for small money. Deceived. Only on PC, not on PS4. Oh well. Somehow I got the Hitman 2 standard levels. Trick 17, however… I’ve never played a Hitman game before. And these are my first impressions.

My god, it’s a quiet game. In Hitman 3, generally the series, you play the hitman Agent 47. With this one you don’t run around shooting, but you should try as much as possible to sneak, to disguise, to hide, to avoid dangers and shootings. At first I was surprised that walking slowly is the order of the day. But then I decelerated my other video game experience. I found myself enjoying all the tactics necessary to kill the potential victim. Yes yes, it’s back to killing any pixel people. But in what game do you not kill anyone? No matter how realistic or unrealistic.

Well. In the first level of Hitman 3, you make a daring parachute jump to the top of the highest tower in Dubai. No, not the Burj Khalifa (oh God, how I miss being there. It was incredible to actually stand there and look up.), but something fictional. Anyway. It’s high, the atmosphere is fantastic. And after just a few minutes I had to learn that fast action is not rewarded, but punished.

And what fun I had exploring these big sandbox levels. Discovering possibilities of how I could proceed further. And that’s exactly it. Yes, I can quickly locate and kill my targets. But the appeal is in making it as original as possible. And for every way, there are rewards in the end. Rewards for killing? Well, let’s not talk about that. I’m very good at distinguishing between video games and reality.

Yesterday I tried my hand at level 2 in Hitman 3. Lo and behold, I just knocked out a detective somewhere outside to be able to put on his clothes. Big mistake. Someone noticed me and from then on the game was terribly difficult. Someone knew something was wrong. And that someone was after me all the time from then on. GREAT AI!

Anyway: Hitman 3 is obviously suitable for newcomers as well. The graphics are great, the way the game is played is ingenious. If the price is right, I’ll also treat myself to Hitman 1 and the additional levels from Hitman 2 at some point and then gradually see how I can best… let’s say… win.

From there: Very good buy!

By the way. This 2nd level in Hitman 3 is based on the 2019 movie Knives Out. Apparently I’ll have to check that one out after all….

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