That was my 2020

The year began so promisingly. I finally got to go on a business trip again. This time it was to Italy. There I held a kick-off with my future Italian key users. It was about switching Italy to SAP, which means switching to the project I manage: The customer portal. A B2B shop system for countless customers all over the world. Together with my colleague, we also made a really great trip to Milan one day in the evening. It was short, but breathtaking.

That was in January. And just a short time later, Corona spoke up, which really turned a lot of things upside down.

I learned what it means to work 100% in a home office. I had worked in a home office before from time to time, but it was a change. After a few weeks, though, it settled in. It wasn’t the same as before, because it also meant being there for the children all the time, some of whom were either not allowed to go to grandma and grandpa’s or were not allowed to go to kindergarten. This meant that I sometimes had to work my hours in the middle of the night. That was exhausting but possible. In any case, my employer dealt with it very openly and professionally.

We all celebrated birthdays. They turned out smaller than usual, but that didn’t bother either. My wife turned 34. I turned 37. My two daughters turned 1 and 3. And these 2 little angels are everything to me. I call them my mice. Not forgetting my wonderful wife who gave me these mice. This little family is absolutely everything to me. It is my purpose in life. And I am very happy about that, that I have found my purpose in life.

2020 was not only defined by Corona for me, though. It was also something else that I’m still not ready to talk about. Something that occupies me personally even more and that at times eats me up inside. This something now determines my life, because I think about it 24/7. Let’s see how it continues.

In 2020, my dad had another operation, this time on his lungs. This damned bowel cancer that was diagnosed years ago won’t rest and spreads like it’s fun. A few chemos later, my dad is struggling with countless late effects from it. But he is the strongest man I know. He is always there for us, he rarely lets on. And having my children gives him even more strength. Thank you, Dad, that you exist! I love you!

In August, we went on holiday to Austria. The holiday flat was small and old but very well kept. We slept together in one room. We went hiking a lot, enjoyed the free time. We saw the mountains, went on cable cars, yes, we even went to the swimming pool. We and the children found some peace in this in an altogether difficult time. It was dreamlike, so to speak.

And yes, in 2020 we started building our house, so to speak. The planning on our part had been going on for much longer. But in 2020, the construction company went ahead. Well, or rather not progressed. A lot of things went wrong. And so it happened that we didn’t move in in September, but will do so - probably - sometime in the summer of 2021. This is an issue that cost me a lot of energy and a lot of nerves. I don’t really want to go into it so much, but it basically determined my 2020 to a very large extent.

And then there was Shortly before 2020, I started my membership for a year. And it was one of the greatest decisions of my life. It’s a community, a marketplace worth loving and visiting. Nowhere on the internet before did I find so many great, lovely and interesting people. It feels like home. And is also where I met some really good friends. And so it only remains for me to say that this will be at least as important for me in 2021.

Much more happened in 2020, but I think what I wrote here was essential for me.

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