TRON: Legacy - The Complete Edition 🎵

Happy and disappointed in equal measure. Yesterday, the TRON: Legacy Soundtrack in the Complete Edition was recommended to me on Deezer. Cool, finally all the tracks in one pack. And annoying: Years ago, various tracks from the soundtrack were only available on different platforms. You had to buy the album everywhere to get 1-2 bonus tracks here or there. Some people did that. They bought the album several times to have a “complete edition”. Now it’s not free, but it’s available for streaming from the usual providers. A general policy that annoys me a lot. But well, as I said, at least I have it all in one place now. In that sense, the soundtrack is on right now.

Since I’m now a Deezer user for a year, here’s the link to the Deezer version!

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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