On the construction site today - the builders were no longer there - I met one of our future neighbours. A very nice older man with a great 3-month-old dog. It was a nice conversation, also about how he built his house and the problems he had. (I didn’t really want to hear about that. haha) Anyway, do you know what it’s like when you have the feeling that someone really expects something from you and then you behave accordingly, no matter whether you’re really like that or not? But maybe that’s just a personal problem because I see a lot of things more critically than they actually are. In any case, I had a bad feeling about the conversation today, even though it was good. But that’s how I often feel. I constantly have the feeling that I have to conform to some standards, regardless of whether the other person really demands that of me or whether I’m just imagining it. It’s awful.

ohBananaJoe @ohBananaJoe

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