Tonight was awful and a little bit funny. Why? Watch out!

Around 1am, my big daughter screamed for us. I rushed over to her room, put a hand on her, tried to calm her down. I asked what was wrong. She said she had poured herself out. Half asleep, I didn’t understand what was going on at first. I thought she didn’t have any water with her?! Then I felt that my hand was wet, then the smell came.

The worst thing for me is when my daughter vomits. I do almost everything, but that is the most difficult. Nevertheless: I went to get my wife. She took care of my daughter, I made the whole bed fit. Also the wall behind it, cuddly toys, etc. Phew, that was a lot.

Afterwards, we all sat in the living room for a while, did puzzles, read, etc. to see if anything else would happen. It was about 2 hours of work until we could go to bed again.

Today I have a headache, but good, there’s Aspirin for that.

ohBananaJoe @ohBananaJoe

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