Dear Diary,

today it started. The earthworks for my house. So many things had to be clarified beforehand. I had to take the children to kindergarten, as I do every morning. Then I drove to the building site and sorted things out. Afterwards I made countless calls and made it in time for a 2-hour meeting at 9. I started the meeting with trembling hands. They never stopped. It was already too much at this point. After that it was on with the house. Clarifications, solving problems. I didn’t have much time because I had to give a training session for my key users from 1 to 4 pm. And just in a break at about 2:15pm I get a call on my mobile. The excavation has no more room on the property, what to do? It costs around EUR 2,000 to move the whole thing. Actually, everything was supposed to be spread out on the site and levelled? Oh well, that’s suddenly no longer being done. And now? Further solutions to the problem should be sought, but first I have to continue my training, the break is over. My training was over at some point and I went to the plot. We had a look at the whole thing. It’s great to see these heaps of earth, the hole and so on. But where to put all the earth? Oh yes, the children have to be picked up again by my parents. We drove there. Then we got a call from the construction company. The electronics were calculated again. No extra charge of 10,000 EUR, but only about 6,500 EUR. Great, isn’t it? Um… no. A solution must be found here as well. Oh yes, what are we going to do with the earth? We have to make a decision by tomorrow morning. Oh yes, I also have to do a few other things now. And actually I should go to bed now.

Phew, what a day. I’ve just opened a bottle of beer. Doesn’t help, but it tastes good. I’m going to surf for a few minutes, then I’ll continue.

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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