Update on the house construction: Now that we have the management on board, a little progress is being made. We received a disastrous sampling protocol, which should have been 80% correct, but now more than 70% were incorrect. My wife and I sat for over 15 hours at the weekend, trying to correct everything, to remember everything that was actually agreed. We searched our documents and e-mails. Yesterday evening then 3 hours of Zoom video meeting with the management and the technical manager, today again (hopefully less time). It should be completed. But how are we going to do that? We have 2 small children, we both have full-time jobs. It is not funny. We practically have no sleep either. And the whole thing hasn’t been fun for a long time anyway. I hope that when the house is finished sometime next year, I can be happy about it. And to the date when the house should be placed: This was meant for September 2020. We’re now at calendar week 10/2021. Let’s be honest again: For me, this is just a burden. Nothing I like to do, nothing I really want to have. I do it for my children and my wife, so that they have a nice home. I just have to keep telling myself exactly that. 🏡

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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