Someone hit my car today. I was glad about that. Why? Watch this. I took my kids to kindergarten early. As usual, there was heavy traffic, all parking spaces were occupied. So I parked at the street. In the kindergarten it takes me a certain amount of time to move and deliver both of them. After that I go out to my car and see a note in the window. At first I thought the neighbor was angry because my car was there. Then I read that someone hit my car when he parked out backwards. It was well written with all the details like name, how it happened, phone number etc. I then looked at the car in question and could not find anything. Then I went home. I called the mobile number and talked to the woman. I told her that I would wash the car on the weekend and then check again. At the moment it is too dirty. She wanted to come by anyway. We looked at both cars again - nothing to see. And why am I happy now? My car already has some dents from some people who hit the car and disappeared without leaving anything behind. So I was very happy that someone was so worried and behaved correctly. That is great. That is rare. This is what makes good people! So it doesn’t bother me in the least if there is a dent somewhere. That’s tin. What is important is humanity. Thanks, that reminded me a little bit that there are still good people.

ohBananaJoe @ohBananaJoe

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