A History of Violence (2005) Review 🍿

Quiet. Brutal. Honest.

It is not what happens in front of you, but what happens in your head. What the actors convey through their facial expressions and gestures. It is the past that occupies the present. It is a story about love and change. It is a story about human fate.

A very calm film with few but very intense moments. A film that makes you think. A film that shows a man who has finally found his way, but by an unfortunate coincidence is not yet allowed to follow it completely.

Ever since I first saw A History of Violence it has been a masterpiece for me. It is of course a kind of gangster film, but it distances itself from the genre as much as possible. It doesn’t bring the subject matter to the fore. Rather, it is forgiveness. It is love.

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Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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