Between 9:30 pm and 11 pm I am super tired. Going to bed there would always make perfect sense. I’ve been doing that a lot recently. The result was after only a few days: hardly any dark circles under the eyes, better well-being. But unfortunately, it’s usually the case that when the children are in bed by 9 p.m. at the latest, the work really starts. And then you just go to bed at midnight or later. In other words, exactly where I am actually “awake” again. Not really fully there, but awake. When I go to bed, I try to count the feathers in my blanket or think of the most abstruse things. Life is very strange. But what I really wanted to say, the desire to do anything at all is completely gone from around 9:30 pm onwards. This is really 100% exhaustion from building a house, work, babysitting, housekeeping and everything else that belongs to adult life. I never thought I could be so exhausted. But it is so. And funnily enough, I have also learned that it doesn’t matter if you go to bed early. The world doesn’t end if you don’t do anything. Yes, sometimes something may be missing, sometimes it is even worse. But that’s okay.

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