I always have to laugh about 5G. In Germany, the fact is that the data volume is used up very quickly. Then you have Edge speed/slowlyness. Well, I can currently use 2 GB in 4G, then that’s it. That’s enough for me too. Most of the time. Everything else would be too expensive for me anyway. Yes, data volume is terribly expensive in Germany. And now I imagine 5G. I can download a several GB film in a flash. GREAT! No moment. From 2 GB on, it would lock up with me. I could only see half of the film. Afterwards always one frame every 2 minutes. So, for whom is this 5G really useful? For people who really want to download movies or work with large downloads on their smartphone or mobile device while on the move AND at the same time have a huge data volume, or even a flat. I know that flats are almost affordable in other countries. Still… who really needs it? Isn’t this a marketing gag anymore?

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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