How I have handled new console generations 🎮

The Playstation 5 is just around the corner. And yes, I will buy it. However: sometime. I have always bought the current version only 1 or 2 years after the release of a new console generation. Why? There were too many great games on the “old” generation for me to catch up on. Yes, of course the new generation makes graphic leaps, but… never mind. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of fantastic stories, and it wasn’t always about graphics.

Buying a console 1-2 years later has only advantages: The price, a now diverse selection of games. And if you’re older than 20 like me, you don’t care what your friends say. In other words: That you have to have everything for the release. That is bullshit!

In this sense: The PS5 is welcome to come and I’m looking forward to it. I have also seen some very impressive (graphical) gameplay videos. (NBA 2021?!) Whatever. This is how I generally proceed. I like to play, yes. I like graphically elaborate games, yes. BUT I don’t have to have them for release. Maybe that’s good. :)

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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