If I don’t write this now, I will explode.

Building a house. Just now, as I want to push something forward, I was received in a telephone conversation with the words: “Mr Höcht, I feel like I’m in a kindergarten”. Then our house construction planner shouted in the background that he didn’t think it was okay how I was proceeding. Yes, he shouted, was completely beside himself.

It is basically completely irrelevant to what extent I explain the situation to you now. From my point of view, nothing is going on with the planner and I’m therefore going to follow up at a higher level. The planner withholds necessary information from me, which I ask for elsewhere.

All this has now escalated. In a phone call. Our sales representative, who sold us the house, greets me with the words that he thinks he’s in kindergarten AND he puts it like it was my fault. As I said, from my point of view this is not the case, something has long since gone wrong elsewhere. But that is only my point of view.

And after I explained in a decisive but polite way on the phone what happened, what I want, the planner screamed like a madman in the background. I didn’t know what else to say, neither did our sales representative really.

And with something like that I have to deny myself. Thanks also. I transfer you hundreds of thousands of Euros and I am treated like this.

Recommendation: Never build a house!

Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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