Two days birthday

I didn’t really feel like celebrating my birthday. But luckily it turned out to be, shall we say, okay. Early in the morning my big daughter sang Happy Birthday to me, after which I got a great coffee machine and Luwak coffee as a present. For lunch my wife brought Pide from probably the best kebab seller in the world. In the afternoon the grandparents visited us, there was a little coffee and cake. The time was nice. The crowning glory was an excellent steak from the Bräustüberl.

The next day, German Unification Day, 3 October. The day after me is my mother-in-law’s birthday every year. Another fun fact, she is exactly 30 years older than me. We had a barbecue, there was also some coffee and cake and now, after 2 long days, which were sometimes calmer, but of course still very exhausting, I sit in front of the PC, writing these lines knowing that tomorrow we are going to Augsburg (or rather Friedberg) to visit my best friend.

Three exciting days then.

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