Tenet Soundtrack Review 🎵

The Tenet Soundtrack. I listened to the soundtrack for the first time before I saw the film. And my first impression was: It doesn’t work without knowing the film. Now I have seen the film and came to the following:

  1. Nolan & Hans Zimmer should remain a well-rehearsed couple. Ludwig Göransson is a great composer and his music is at least as confusing as the film. Nevertheless, Zimmer & Nolan harmonize better in my opinion, especially since Zimmer mostly creates soundtracks that can be heard well without the film. (Exception: Dunkirk.)
  2. In the cinema there is a crass roar, especially during action scenes. The sounds underline the action, but have little meaning on their own. In addition, my eardrum almost burst in the cinema, because somehow it almost only makes BRRRRRR.
  3. Only a few titles on the soundtrack know how to please in themselves. So it is especially those that cleverly take up the main theme like “Freeport”. That sounds quite nice and as a gimmick played backwards it is almost as good as played forwards.
  4. Many melodies with a classical touch underline moments in the film. That’s what you like right there, when you see the scene, but all by itself in a mix with the BRRRRRR… it’s just strange. On the other hand. Just as strange as the film itself.

I don’t want to say that the soundtrack in itself is bad. It’s just not that I want to listen to it all the time. It’s completely different with soundtracks like Inception or Interstellar. But perhaps the film experience was also very different for me here. An intensely gripping, understandable one, which gained in dramaturgy through the music.

It is as it is: Tenet is good. The soundtrack is good. But unfortunately not great as expected. A pity.


Dominik Höcht @ohBananaJoe

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